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Rebirthing workshops:


Retreats and workshops on health, longevity and spiritual practices once a month. We have up to 25 seats. There are places available!

Healthy habits, conscious nutrition and practices with the 4 elements of nature.
The 2017-2018 annual training begins with Irene Jové this October …or more information go to:

What is Rebirthing?

Rebirthing is a method of personal development and healing that uses conscious breathing as a main technique, also called circular energy breathing. It is based on the premise that thought creates the reality we experience, and investigates the relationship between the way of being born and our vital attitudes, the way in which we relate to ourselves and to others.

The Rebirthing makes use of the elements of nature (air, water, earth and fire) to balance our energy body and restore harmony in our life. It also supports the value of conscious and honest communication among people, fostering responsible participation in the community.

In the year 1974, Leonard Orr, after a decade of experimentation, established the bases of the Renaissance and its practice spread rapidly all over the world, reaching thousands of people.

Its benefits, derived from the release of the respiratory mechanism, are multiple and are generated from an approximate cycle of 10 individual sessions, after which the person is deeply transformed, reborn.


Here you will find information about rebirthing professionals in Spain and more information about this technique: